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Prevention of hearing disorders – Fitsportsrec

Prevention of hearing disorders

Hearing is of great importance for speech learning, the development of intelligence and the psyche, especially in childhood. With the help of hearing, communication between people takes place.

Prevention of hearing disorders
The outer part is the auricle and the external auditory meatus (1).
The middle one is three consecutive auditory ossicles: the malleus (4), the uakovalnya (5) and the stirrup (6).
The inner one is the membranous labyrinth (cochlea (7)).
The middle ear (3) communicates with the nasopharynx through the auditory (Eustachian) pipe (8).

Causes of hearing impairment
genetic and congenital anomalies of ear development,
diseases during pregnancy (rubella, flu, etc.),
childhood infections (measles, scarlet fever, mumps, meningitis),
purulent otitis media,
lesions of the auditory nerve,
traumatic brain injury,
noise trauma,
exposure to toxic drugs for the hearing organs – salicylates, quinines, aminoglycosides, diuretics (furosemide, ethacric acid), some antitumor agents, etc.
The first is the symptoms
of hearing loss, speech intelligibility,
frequent requests to repeat phrases,
difficulties in communicating and using the phone,
increasing the volume of the radio and TV,
difficulties in perceiving high frequencies.
If such symptoms appear, contact an otolaryngologist as soon as possible.

The organ of hearing is overloaded with the noises of the modern city, suffers from the use of headphones (headsets), phones, players. Under the influence of sound waves, the eardrum fluctuates and gradually loses its elasticity, hearing is dulled.

Avoid excessive auditory overload in the home.

If the intensity levels of perceived sounds are within 70 decibels (dB), then there will be no pathological changes from such sounds. But sounds over 70 dB become unpleasant to the ear. If the volume exceeds 80 dB, then such noise, especially prolonged, is harmful to health: a jackhammer gives 90 dB, a rock music ensemble — 110-140, thunder — 130. A very strong sound can cause a rupture of the eardrum.

Limit the time you use headphones and the sound power of the player.

Constantly listening to music through headphones, a person begins to go deaf unnoticed. Gradually increasing the volume, it brings to a dangerous level of 90 dB (metro train noise) and more when the sound from the headphones is heard by a person who is nearby.

Prevention of hearing disorders
Daily washing of the auricle without penetrating into the ear canal. Only a specialist doctor should extract the accumulated sulfur. It is necessary to remove the foci of infection in a timely manner, treat inflammatory foci of the auricle, concomitant diseases, remove adenoids, polyps, correct the nasal septum.
When bathing, take care of your ears. Jumping into the water can damage the eardrum, do not expose your ear to the shock of the wave. After swimming, be sure to shake the water out of your ear. If the ears are not completely healthy, it is not recommended to swim.
Cover your ears in strong winds and subzero temperatures.
In case of ingestion of foreign bodies or insects, do not try to remove them from the ear canal yourself. Consult a doctor immediately.
Vaccination of children of the first year of life from meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella contributes to the prevention of acquired deafness.
Check your hearing regularly. It should be remembered that hearing loss can develop gradually and remain unnoticed for a long time, This is especially dangerous in childhood, as it affects the development of the child.
The main principles of prevention
are hardening of the body and physical activity (morning gymnastics, running, swimming, walking);
personal hygiene – with a runny nose, try to release the nasal passages alternately, gently pressing each wing of the nose to the septum;
prevention of cooling, injury;
timely treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases;
exclusion of loud music and other noises;
giving up bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
taking medications only as prescribed by a doctor;
a rational diet rich in vitamins and minerals (daily consume 400 g of vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, dairy products).